3 Proven Ways To Change Ai Generated Text To Human Text 2024

Finding methods how to change AI generated text to human text free. The nuances of converting computer-generated text into a more approachable and organic format are explored in this essay. We examine step-by-step procedures and free web resources to enhance the human voice in AI-generated material. We do this by utilizing Google NLP algorithms.

Although AI-generated text has shown great promise in the modern day, there are occasions when the finished product lacks the human touch that we seek for. Not to worry, though; we’ll look at how to easily turn language produced by AI into human-like expressions in this tutorial. Easy techniques to add genuine feeling to your writing are all that are needed—no advanced science is required just simple steps to make your text resonate with warmth and authenticity.

Why You Should Change AI-generated text to human text

Sometimes, the text generated by AI isn’t perfect. It might have errors, misunderstand context, or lack the right tone. This is why we often need to make changes to make it more human-like. It is really important to add value in your article because without adding value addition it is useless. According to Google’s latest updates you need to add, your article should meet the E-E-A-T guideline. E-E-A-T. Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These quality standards are used by Google to assess the authority and importance of web pages and websites.

Importance of maintaining human-like communication

Making sure AI-generated text sounds human is crucial. It helps in engaging people better, builds trust, and avoids misunderstandings. Steps and solutions involve refining grammar, adjusting style, and ensuring the content is clear and relatable. More you add human value addition in your article more chances to get the audience and rank on Google’s search result

1. Using AI Detector Tools

Mostly Content writer Seach How to Change AI Generated Text to Human Text Online. To enhance the humanization of your article, consider using AI detector tools that can provide valuable insights and corrections. Improving your article to make it more humanize AI-generated text using AI detector tools involves a combination of refining language, ensuring clarity, and eliminating potential biases.

What Is The Best AI Detector Free?

There is a huge list of AI detector tools but not all of them are free neither perfect. Following are the Tools that help you check AI detector free. I have used these tools my work as well.

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Following are the ways to Change Ai Generated Text To Human Text

Best Ai Detector Free

  1. Undetectable AI

Cutting-edge AI Humanizer and Detector To find out if your text will be identified as AI-written material, use Undetectable AI. Your work is improved by this AI text humanizer to resemble handwritten writing. By selecting “humanize,” you can guarantee that AI detectors won’t pick up on your text.

Millions of people utilize Scribbr as AI detector Tool helpful material, AI-powered plagiarism detectors, and plagiarism reports each month. Free AI tests forever do as many free AI content checks as you like to make sure all of your work is real. No registration is necessary without creating an account, begin identifying AI-generated material right away. Guaranteed confidentiality. You may relax knowing that we don’t keep or disclose your data, so your submissions are kept private.

Scribbr offers 500 words text allowed in one try. Buy it is free for you can do as many tries.

Zero ChatGPT Detects by Every sentence written by AI is highlighted, with a gauge showing the percentage of AI inside the text. Simply upload multiple files at once, and they will get checked automatically in the dashboard. Advanced and premium model, trained on all languages to provide highly accurate results. Automatically generated .pdf reports for every detection, used as a proof of AI-free plagiarism. Support all the languages with the highest accuracy rate of detection

How many words are allowed in Zero ChatGPT?

15,000 characters

Blog articles, Wikipedia entries, essays, and other online pieces are used to train the content at Scale AI Checker, along with other huge language models. These tools—ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Claude, and Bing—will tell you in a matter of seconds if the information you are seeing sounds human or like it was created by an AI system. Once you have the most human-like AI writing possible, you may utilize the AI Detector “pro version” to create undetected AI content.

Allowed Words: 2500 Characters

Some AI detectors also offer sentiment analysis, helping you gauge and adjust the emotional tone of your writing. Test for inclusive language using detectors focused on promoting inclusivity, ensuring that your article avoids language that may be exclusionary. While AI tools are valuable, consider incorporating a human review as well, as humans can provide nuanced insights that AI may not fully capture.

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2. Using FREE AI Tools to Humanize AI Generated Text

This is the important step to make your text Humanized and that is using grammar and rewriter tools. Grammar and rewriter tools help you to humanize your AI-generated content. To rewrite AI-generated text, utilize a combination of AI-powered tools to enhance the content’s clarity, style, and overall humanization. These tools can automatically identify grammatical errors, improve writing style, and make the text more coherent. Address any issues detected by these tools, ensuring the revised text flows naturally and reads more like human-generated content.

Following are the FREE AI Tools to Humanize AI Written Text

Paraphrasing Tools: This simple online tool provides quick paraphrases and suggestions for improving sentence clarity. It’s free to use but lacks the advanced features of other options:

1. QuillBot:


  • Multiple paraphrasing modes (standard, fluency, creative, etc.)
  • Free plan with 700-character limit
  • Summarizer and grammar checker
  • Chrome extension for easy use across websites


  • Paid plans for longer texts and premium features
  • May sometimes produce overly simplistic paraphrases

2. Wordtune:


  • Focuses on preserving original meaning while changing sentence structure
  • Offers different options for tone and formality
  • Integrates with Gmail and other writing platforms
  • Free version with limited features


  • Paid plans for expanded access and advanced features
  • Can be less effective for longer paragraphs or complex ideas

3. Paraphrasing Tool:


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Free to use without any character limits
  • Provides suggestions for improving sentence clarity


  • Limited features compared to paid options
  • May not always produce the most natural-sounding paraphrases

4. Ginger Sentence Rephraser:


  • Integrates with grammar checker and translation tools
  • Offers multiple rephrasing options
  • Free for basic use, premium plans for expanded features


  • Rephrasing options can be somewhat limited
  • The free version has ads and character limits

5. Spinbot:


  • Free to use with unlimited spinning
  • Can generate multiple versions of paraphrased text


  • Often produces unnatural or awkward-sounding text
  • May not be suitable for professional or academic writing

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Free AI Humanizing Tools

Following are FREE Humaning Tools for your AI-generated TEXT. You can use these tools as a ChatGPT to human text converter:

Plagiarism Remover (Humanize AI Text):

This AI-powered tool polishes robotic AI text into captivating human prose. Ditch stiff sentences and reclaim your voice with their intuitive interface and comprehensive features. Whether you’re an author, blogger, or student, Plagiarism Remover’s humanizer helps you create authentic, engaging content.

Humanize AI Text:

Forget robotic writing! Humanize AI Text breathes life into AI-generated content, adding personality, flair, and a touch of the human spark. Tackle common AI flaws like redundancy and unnatural phrasing with their easy-to-use platform. Say goodbye to robotic voices and hello to captivating content that resonates.

AI to Human Text Converter:

Feeling lost in translation with clunky AI text? AI to Human Text Converter is your bridge to authentic, engaging content. Their powerful algorithms transform stiff machine prose into natural, human-sounding language. Craft compelling blog posts, emails, even social media captions with effortless ease.

AI Text Converter:

Don’t settle for robotic writing! AI Text Converter empowers you to infuse your unique voice into AI-generated content. Their robust platform tackles redundancy, stiff sentence structures, and more, replacing them with natural language that reflects your style and personality. Get ready to create content that captivates, informs, and inspires.

Text to Handwriting (Humanize AI Text):

Experience the ultimate humanization duo! Text to Handwriting combines their AI text humanizer with realistic penmanship, transforming robotic prose into personalized notes, letters, and more. Add an extra layer of authenticity and charm to your written communication with this unique tool.

3. Add Your Value to AI Generated Text

Here’s how you can add value to AI-generated text without tools, and align with Google’s E-A-T guidelines:

1. Identify AI-Generated Text Characteristics:

Unnatural Sentence Structure: Long, winding sentences, excessive formality, or awkward phrasing.

Redundancy and Repetition: Unnecessary repetition of words and phrases.

Lack of Voice and Personality: Generic tone, lacking personal opinions or anecdotes.

Factual Accuracy without Insight: Data-heavy but lacking interpretation or analysis.

2. Infuse the Human Touch:

Break Up Sentence Patterns: Vary sentence length and structure to mimic natural speech.

Add Active Voice: Prefer active voice over passive voice for directness and engagement.

Use Figurative Language: Add metaphors, similes, and analogies to enhance imagery and personality.

Show, Don’t Tell: Paint vivid descriptions using sensory details and anecdotes.

Inject Your Opinions and Insights: Share your unique perspectives and experiences.

Tell Stories: Engage readers with relatable narratives and personal anecdotes.

Use Contractions and Informal Language: Create a conversational tone.

Address Your Audience Directly: Build a connection by speaking to readers directly.

3. Polish and Perfect:

Read Aloud: Listen for awkward phrasing and unnatural flows.

Simplify Sentences: Break down complex sentences into digestible chunks.

Eliminate Redundancy and Clichés: Remove overused phrases and unnecessary repetition.

Proofread Meticulously: Ensure accuracy and clarity.

4. Align with Google E-A-T:

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness:

Establish Author Expertise: Highlight your credentials, experience, and authority in the topic area.

Cite Credible Sources: Support claims with links to reputable websites, research studies, or expert opinions.

Showcase Professionalism: Maintain a polished and error-free presentation.

Demonstrate Transparency: Be clear about the use of AI in content generation and your role in editing and refining it.

5. Continuously Refine and Experiment:

Practice Humanizing Techniques Regularly: Develop your skills and find the methods that best suit your style.

Seek Feedback: Get input from others to identify areas for improvement.

Experiment with Different Approaches: Try new techniques to see what resonates with your audience.

Remember: AI can be a powerful tool for content creation, but it’s the human touch that truly brings it to life. By combining your creativity, expertise, and attention to E-A-T principles, you can transform AI-generated text into engaging, authentic, and trustworthy content that genuinely resonates with your readers.

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By incorporating these steps and utilizing the AI detector tools, you can enhance the humanization of your article, ensuring that it not only conveys information effectively but also resonates with your audience on a more personal level.


Are there free tools available to convert AI-generated text to human text online?

Yes, several free AI detectors and converters online offer the convenience of transforming machine-generated text into a more humanized form. like Text to Handwriting (Humanize AI Text), AI Text Converter, Humanize AI Text. Check out more on website.

How do Google NLP algorithms contribute to humanizing AI-generated text?

Google NLP algorithms analyze and emulate human language patterns, allowing AI-generated text to adopt a more natural and relatable tone.

How can I align with Google’s E-A-T guidelines when adding value to AI-generated text?

To align with Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines, emphasize author expertise, cite credible sources, maintain professionalism, demonstrate transparency about the use of AI, and continually refine content based on feedback.

What are some free paraphrasing tools for humanizing AI-generated text?

Several free paraphrasing tools include QuillBot, Wordtune, Paraphrasing Tool, Ginger Sentence Rephraser, and Spinbot. These tools help preserve original meaning while changing sentence structure.

What is the best free AI detector tool?

While there is a variety of AI detector tools, not all are free or flawless. Some recommended free tools include Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Undetectable AI, Scribbr, ZeroChatGPT, and Content At Scale.

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