20 Trending Best Midjourney Prompts For T-Shirt Design 2024

Craft one-of-a-kind t-shirts using the power of Midjourney’s AI art generation. This guide explores effective prompts, design trends, and tips for transforming your vision into stunning wearable art. Dive into the world of Midjourney prompts for t-shirts design and unleash your inner fashion designer!

T-shirts are more than just clothing; they’re canvases for self-expression, artistic flair, and even subversive statements. In the age of AI-powered creativity, Midjourney, a cutting-edge text-to-image generation tool, unlocks a universe of possibilities for crafting truly unique t-shirt designs.

20 Latest and Most Trending Best Midjourney Prompts For T-Shirt Design:

Following are best prompts for t shirt design to utilize and you can also use as Leonardo Ai prompts for t shirt design:

Prompt 1:


Grim, melancholic, unnerving, gloomy, fine lines, deeply etched, chillingly surreal, detailed, high quality, uncanny valley, dreadfilled, strangely compelling; T-shirt logo; horror theme; creepy doll character; by Tim Burton; haunted nursery; broken porcelain; cold eyes; eerie smile; intricate patterns; old-fashioned clothes; cobwebs; peeling wallpaper; shadowy corners; cinematic lighting; detailed; tattoo art style; gothic; deeply unsettling;

Prompt 2:


Logo art, minimalistic design, creative face art, extreme joy::2.1, 2d design, vibrant colors, simple forms, bold strokes, stylized, closeup, style of JeanMichel Basquiat, style of Jasper Johns, popart influence, ultra high resolution, HD, high contrast, highly detailed 

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Prompt 3:


The sci-fi character, robotic owl, streetwear aesthetics, KAWS style, neon cityscape background, glowing eyes, intricate gears, mechanical wings, glowing eyes, vibrant colors, high quality, extreme details, futuristic details, sharp lines, clean edges, wide angle view, detailed textures, reflective surfaces, highest quality, ultrarealistic lighting, metallic sheen, lens flares, atmospheric depth, and surrealistic tones are all present in this work.

Prompt 4:


Logo art, style of Olly Moss, 2D design, black dragon, silhouette, minimalistic, red background, firebreathing, stylized, flat graphics, unique visual concept, abstract representation, geometric, clean lines, negative space, simplicity::2.2, high contrast, visual intrigue, digital art, vector, Adobe Illustrator, high resolution, printready 

Prompt 5:

midjourne y-prompts-for-tshirts

Stencil techniques, street art essence, minimalist elements, vibrant splashes of color, geometric abstraction, chaotic patterns, edgy creativity, urban aesthetic::1.8, abstracted details, graffiti style, spray paint splatter, underground culture references, heavy line weight, high contrast, Scott Campbell-style, monochromatic scale, punk vibes, bold textures, sharp edges, rebellious motifs, abstracted details, stencil techniques, graffiti style, high contrast, style of David Flores

Prompt 6:


2.7, a simple style with gradient hues of flaming red to deep black, a 2D vector logo, and a space monster idea Creative streetwear, high quality, sci-fi aesthetics, street culture influence, abstract form, glowing eyes, sharp teeth, vaporwave style, grungy texture, future streetwear vibe, hyperdetailed, 4k resolution, gradient background, tentacle-like appendages, extraterrestrial creature, neon accents, and outer space ambiance created by KAWS in the style of Aaron Draplin

Prompt 7:

midjourney prompts for t shirt design, midjourney prompts for t-shirt design

Fantasy creatures, streetwear designs, and logo art minimalist, bold text, aspects of graffiti, disproportionate size, Tentacles characteristics that glow in the dark, stylized fur, Textures created by graffiti, Concrete wilderness, vibrant, lively, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s style, deep shadows, Backlit, KAWS-inspired, Texture spray paint, illumination from street lamps, city environment, moonlit dynamic alignment, animals that fly, finest caliber, incredibly detailed, precise details, City aesthetics

Prompt 8:


Logo art, samurai warrior, minimal design, style of Shepard Fairey, monochrome, 2d art, vector illustration, simple lines, geometric shapes, digital artwork, negative space::2, sharp angles, flat color blocks, Adobe Illustrator, abstracted details, by Ivan Chermayeff, black and white contrast, symbollike, clear visuals, proportional, clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, minimal color usage, iconic, visual simplicity, balance, emphasis, alignment, modern aesthetics, iconic design 

Prompt 9:

T shirts prompts design

T-shirt design in the Jean Jullien style whimsical, creative, bold outlines, humor-infused, casual style, high resolution, emotive human figures, quirky, modern, distinct, narrative, stylized, cultural commentary, and captivating illustrations are all characteristics of this lighthearted, minimalistic, 2D vector character design. 

Prompt 10:

T-shirts Design prompt

Funny sloth astronaut, logo art, 2D, space, floating, helmet, spacesuit, slow tempo, humorous, stars, earth view, and intricate tattoos by Cory Loftis in the Ed Hardy style vivid hues, galaxies, and a carefree demeanor  

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Prompt 11:

tshirts prompts

Logo art, friendly robot, minimalist design, style of Charley Harper, digital drawing, flat color blocks, 2d, Adobe Illustrator, grayscale, flat, geometrical, stylized details, vector graphics, negative space::2.5, simplicity, by Paul Rand, angular lines, balance, proportional, emblem style, monochrome, unity, clean aesthetics, shape contrast, visual clarity, minimal color usage, symbolic, visual simplicity 

Prompt 12:

Trending T shirts prompt

Logo art, style of Stefan Sagmeister, conceptual objects, mixtape cassette, old school boombox, vinyl records, retro headphones, graffiti tags, 2D, vector, tattoo art style, sharp edges, bold colors, pop art elements, by Parra style, playful curvature, bold outlines, flat color blocks, high resolution, intricate details, extreme sharpness, vibrant spectrum, interwoven elements, monolinear drawings, high contrast, pop culture references

Prompt 13:

T Shirts AI prompts for midjourney

Logo art, minimalist design, by Yusaku Kamekura, playful puppy, animal representation, 2D art, geometric abstraction, clean lines, simple shapes, vibrant colors::2.2, flat design, negative space, abstract, visual storytelling, digital art, vector, minimalistic color palette, high resolution, memorable, effective visual communication 

Prompt 14:

car t shirts prompt for midjourney
car t-shirts prompt for midjourney

Logo art, creative automotive symbol, silhouette of a sports car, minimalistic approach, vector, abstract, modern, gradient color, neon green to violet transition, vibrant, stylized 2D, sharp lines, dynamic, visual simplicity, geometric, flat design, simplistic shapes, subtle shadowing, bold contrast, gradient color scheme::2.5, style of Aaron Draplin, style of Paul Rand, linear pattern, monochrome background, emphasis on typography, sansserif font, digital vector art, symmetry, conceptual, professional, sleek, modernism, highest quality, 4k resolution, extremely detailed

Prompt 15:

Dragon T shirt prompt - softinns

Logo art, fantasy-inspired streetwear label::1.7, holographic color scheme, intricate illustrations, mythical creatures, epic battles, enchanted objects, vector art, tattoo art style, cosmic motifs, by James Jean and Audra Auclair, ethereal atmosphere, magical elements, ornate details, otherworldly characters, dreamlike composition, surreal landscapes, vibrant gradients, mystical symbols

Prompt 16:

Latest t-shirt prompts for midjourney

The logo features an orange fox, an animal character, a minimalistic and abstract style, two dimensions, simplicity, flat colors, geometric shapes, stylized negative space, a simple design, minimal elements, symbolic cunning, clean lines, a memorable visual narrative, print-ready digital art, scalable vector graphics, a primary color scheme, and high resolution. The style of the logo is reminiscent of Joan Miró.  

Prompt 17:


Tshirt logo, memento mori theme, skull and hourglass, in the style of Kat Von D, intricate tattoo design, vintage clock gears, gothic roses, horror style, intricate details, old school, black and white, detailed shading, time running out, symbolic, tattoo art style, moody, eerie, macabre, melancholic, atmospheric, highquality, dreadfilled, darkly beautiful, sinister, haunting, timeless, gothic, dramatic 

Prompt 18:


Ultra-realistic, intricate details, galactic graffiti, urban art, high contrast, deep space, sound waves, hip hop culture, underground scene, highest quality, alien DJ, 2D vector design, tattoo style, interstellar club, streetwear fashion, turntable, vibrant color palette, neon lights, graffiti elements, starry background, futuristic gear, dynamic posture, style of Grime, music vibes, pulsing lights, and dynamic posture

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Prompt 19:

T Shirts prompts designs
T Shirts prompts

Logo art, Koala driving sports car, funny Tshirt art, high speed, sports car, detailed tattoos, 2D, tattoo art style, road, humorous, sunglasses, racer outfit, on the move, palm trees, sunny day, by Sabina Hahn, in the style of João Ruas, vibrant colors, speed motion effect 

Prompt 20:

Truck T shirts prompt design

Logo art, style of Aaron Draplin, pickup truck, 2D design, simple and bold, automotive industry, flat colors::2.1, strong lines, negative space, clean design, iconic, memorable visual narrative, print ready, digital art, vector, Adobe Illustrator, high resolution


Now that you have a wealth of midjourney prompts for t-shirt design, it’s time to unleash your creativity and start crafting unique and captivating designs for your print-on-demand business. Remember, the key is to combine the power of AI-generated insights with your creative interpretation. With the right prompts and a touch of innovation, you’ll be able to create t-shirts that stand out from the crowd and resonate with your target audience


What are some technical tips for using Midjourney prompts for t-shirt design?

1. Aspect Ratio: Use “–ar 2:3” to perfectly fit your design on a t-shirt.
2. Bold Colors: Opt for vibrant contrasts for better printing (avoid gradients/details).
3. Text Separately: Add text later in a graphic design program (Midjourney text can be tricky).

How can I incorporate current trends into my Midjourney t-shirt designs?

Stay Informed: Follow fashion blogs/trend websites for inspiration.
Reinterpret Trends: Put your unique spin on popular themes (e.g., psychedelic swirls for tie-dye).
Think Beyond Fashion: Draw inspiration from unexpected sources like architecture or nature.

What resources are available for learning more about Midjourney and t-shirt design?

1. Midjourney Community: Join the official Discord server for tips and tutorials.
2. YouTube Tutorials: Find channels like Bard’s AI Channel for helpful Midjourney guidance.
3. Online Courses: Enroll in workshops dedicated to Midjourney or t-shirt design.

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