Will Sora AI Replace Animators in the Future? 2024

In short answer No, Sora Ai is more likely to assist animators rather than replace them. While it can automate tasks and create animations, it likely won’t replace the creativity, artistic vision, and emotional nuance that human animators bring. However, if you want to secure your position in filmmaking or as an animator, you need to learn these AI tools. Let’s talk about if you’re new here.

What is Sora Ai?

Sora Ai Text To Video Generator is a model developed by OpenAI. It allows you to describe a scene in writing, and Sora will generate a realistic and imaginative video based on your description. It can even create videos up to a minute long!  The hype of SoraAI increased around the world but there are many people not aware of it. Think of it as a way to turn your imagination into a video, though it’s still under development and not available to the public yet.

Features of SoraAI

Here are the features of Sora AI with their capabilities:

  • Sora AI Text-to-Video Creation: Write a description of a scene, and Sora will use its understanding of the physical world to generate a realistic video based on your instructions.
  • Realistic and Imaginative Scenes: Sora can create videos that are both believable, following the laws of physics and motion, and visually creative, incorporating fantastical elements if described in the prompt.
  • Up to 60 Seconds Long: Sora can generate videos up to a minute long, allowing for storytelling or showcasing a sequence of events.
  • Multiple Prompt Types: You can provide instructions in different formats to guide Sora’s video creation. This could include specifying camera angles, character actions, or even the overall mood of the scene.
  • Versatile Video Sampling: Sora can generate videos in various resolutions and aspect ratios, catering to different needs, from social media posts to presentations.
  • Improved Video Framing: The videos Sora generates will have well-composed shots, enhancing the visual quality of the final product.

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Will Sora Ai Be Free To Use

There isn’t official confirmation yet on whether Sora AI will be free to use. Here’s what we know:

  • OpenAI hasn’t announced a pricing model for Sora.
  • Their other AI tool, Dall-E 2, uses a credit system, with a free tier offering limited capabilities and paid tiers for increased usage.

Based on this, it’s likely Sora will follow a similar approach:

  • Possible Free Tier: A limited free tier might allow basic video generation with shorter lengths and fewer customization options.
  • Paid Tiers: Paid tiers could offer increased video length, higher resolution, more customization options, and potentially faster processing times.

We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from OpenAI to know for sure.

Sora Ai Example Video

Here is the demo example of sora ai prompts into photorealistic videos:

Prompt: A movie trailer featuring the adventures of the 30-year-old space-man wearing a red wool knitted motorcycle helmet, blue sky, salt desert, cinematic style, shot on 35mm film, vivid colors.

Sora AI Prompt Output:

Why Sora AI and other AI Tools cannot replace Animators and Filmmakers?

AI tools like Sora are unlikely to replace animators entirely in the foreseeable future. Here’s why:

  • Animators bring creativity and artistic vision to their work. This is something that’s difficult to replicate with AI. Sora can be great at automating tasks and following instructions, but it can’t come up with original ideas or capture the nuances of human emotion in the same way a human animator can.
  • Sora may excel at automating repetitive tasks but may struggle with complex animation sequences or conveying emotions effectively. For example, animating a character walking is a fairly straightforward task that Sora could probably handle well. But animating a character expressing subtle emotions like sadness or joy would be much more challenging.
  • Human animators can collaborate effectively with directors and other creative professionals to achieve the desired outcome. This is an essential part of the animation process, and it’s something that AI just isn’t capable of yet.

How SoraAI will help Animators and Filmmakers?

  • Automating tedious tasks like in-betweening. This can free up animators to focus on more creative aspects of their work, such as character design and storyboarding.
  • Allowing for rapid prototyping and iteration of animation ideas. With Sora, animators can quickly try out different ideas and see how they look before committing to a final version.

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How To Use Sora AI

Sora AI isn’t publicly available for use. OpenAI hasn’t released it for general access yet.

However, based on information about other AI tools from OpenAI, here’s what we can expect when Sora is released:

  • Online Platform: Sora will likely be accessible through an online platform developed by OpenAI. This platform might be similar to the interface used for Dall-E 2, another AI model by OpenAI for generating images.
  • Text Prompts: You’ll provide instructions for Sora in written text form. These prompts will detail the scene you want the AI to generate into a video.
  • Customization Options (possible): There might be options to customize the video beyond just the text prompt. This could involve specifying things like:
    • Video length
    • Resolution
    • Aspect ratio
    • Camera angles
    • Character actions
    • Overall mood

While we can’t use Sora directly yet, keep an eye on OpenAI’s website or announcements for updates on its availability and how to use it once it’s released.

Are there any Sora AI Alternatives?

Absolutely! Since Sora AI isn’t publicly available yet, there are several alternatives that offer similar text-to-video generation capabilities. Here are a few options to consider:

  • RunwayML Text to Video: This platform allows you to create short video clips (up to 4 seconds in the free tier) based on your text descriptions. It offers a user-friendly interface and explores various artistic styles.
  • Synthesia: This AI tool focuses on generating realistic videos of people speaking. You can provide a script and choose a virtual avatar, and Synthesia will create a video of the avatar delivering your text with appropriate gestures and expressions.
  • Descript: Primarily a video editing tool, Descript also offers a text-to-video feature. You can type your script, and Descript will generate a basic video with on-screen text and the option to add a voiceover or even an AI-generated voice.
  • InVideo and Pictory: These cloud-based editing platforms offer text-to-video creation alongside other video editing features. They cater more towards social media content creation and might be suitable for shorter, promotional videos.

Remember, each alternative has its strengths and limitations. Consider what kind of video you want to create and explore the features and free trials (if available) before choosing the best fit for your needs.


Sora AI presents a fascinating future for animation, but it’s not here to replace animators. Instead, it can be a powerful tool to streamline workflows, automate tedious tasks, and even spark creative ideas. As AI continues to evolve, animators who use these advancements will be well-positioned to thrive in the years to come.


Why Can’t Sora AI Replace Animators?

Animators bring irreplaceable creativity, artistic vision, and the ability to convey emotions that AI struggles with. Sora might struggle with complex scenes and lacks collaboration skills crucial in animation

How Can Sora AI Help Animators?

Animators bring irreplaceable creativity, artistic vision, and the ability to convey emotions that AI struggles with. Sora might struggle with complex scenes and lacks collaboration skills crucial in animation.

Will Sora AI steal my animation job?

(Not likely) Think of it as a super-powered assistant, freeing you for creative tasks and handling repetitive work

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