List of Stunning Midjourney Prompts For UI Design 2024

To create stunning web designs, designers often seek inspiration and guidance. Midjourney, an AI-driven platform, offers a remarkable solution by providing prompts that can take your web design to the next level. In this article, we will explore the best prompts for web design provided by Midjourney and how they can help designers unleash their creativity.

But where do you start? This guide unlocks the treasure chest of Midjourney prompts, offering inspiration and practical tips to fuel your design journey.

The Power of AI in Web Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries, and web design is no exception. AI-powered platforms like Midjourney offer designers a plethora of options to quickly and efficiently create remarkable web designs. These AI systems can analyze style and design concepts, providing fresh ideas and insights. By leveraging the power of AI, designers can explore new dimensions of creativity and make informed decisions in their web design process.

Midjourney Best Prompts For Web Design:

Following are the Midjourney Ui Designs to utilize in your designing:

Prompt 1:

Create a minimalist e-commerce website with a monochromatic color scheme and clean lines. Incorporate elements like a neon lamp and an ultra wide-angle lens. Draw inspiration from the renowned artist Paul Klee and use pastel and neon yellow colors. (Weight: 3.5 for neon lamp, 0.8 for ultra wide-angle lens, 1.2 for Paul Klee, 0.5 for pastel, 1.5 for neon yellow color)


The minimalistic design approach is ideal for e-commerce websites as it allows the products to take center stage. By incorporating a monochromatic color scheme and clean lines, you can create a visually pleasing and clutter-free interface. Adding elements like a neon lamp and an ultra wide-angle lens can infuse a touch of uniqueness. Drawing inspiration from Paul Klee’s artistic style can bring a creative flair to your design. Don’t forget to use pastel and neon yellow colors to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Prompt 2:

Imagine prompt: Design a finance website with a modern and sleek look that conveys trust and confidence. Incorporate elements like fluorescent lighting, a wide-angle lens, and draw inspiration from Piet Mondrian. Use teal color to add a touch of sophistication. (Weight: 4.3 for fluorescent lighting, 0.5 for a wide-angle lens, 1.7 for Piet Mondrian, 1.2 for ultramodern, 1.5 for teal)


When designing a finance website, it is crucial to create a modern and sleek look that instills trust and confidence in users. Elements like fluorescent lighting and a wide-angle lens can add dynamism to your design. Drawing inspiration from Piet Mondrian’s art can bring a sense of structure and balance. Incorporating teal color can add a touch of sophistication and create a visually appealing interface.

Prompt 3:

Imagine prompt: Design a corporate website for a law firm with a professional and traditional look. Keep the layout simple, with ample white space and clear headings for easy navigation. Incorporate elements like natural lighting, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and draw inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci. Use navy blue color to evoke a sense of professionalism. (Weight: 4.5 for natural lighting, 1.5 for ultra wide-angle lens, 1.5 for Leonardo Da Vinci, 1.3 for professional, 1.9 for navy blue)


Creating a corporate website for a law firm requires a professional and traditional design approach. Keep the layout simple, ensuring ample white space and clear headings for easy navigation. Elements like natural lighting and an ultra-wide-angle lens can add depth and dimension to your design. Drawing inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s work can bring a touch of elegance. Utilize navy blue color to convey a sense of professionalism and trust.

Prompt 4:

Imagine prompt: Craft a fashion e-commerce website with a modern and edgy design. Create a full-screen hero image on the home page, featuring a call-to-action button. Use clean lines and high-quality images on the product pages to showcase the items. Incorporate elements like a spotlight, a DSLR camera, and draw inspiration from Yoji Shinkawa. Use the silver color to add a touch of sophistication. (Weight: 4.5 for spotlight, 1.1 for DSLR camera, 0.9 for Yoji Shinkawa, 1.2 for edgy, 1.3 for silver color)


Designing a fashion e-commerce website requires a modern and edgy approach to reflect the industry’s trends. Create a visually striking full-screen hero image on the home page, accompanied by a captivating call-to-action button. On the product pages, utilize clean lines and high-quality images to showcase the fashion items. Incorporate elements like a spotlight and a DSLR camera to add depth and visual interest. Drawing inspiration from Yoji Shinkawa’s artistic style can infuse a unique touch. Don’t forget to use the silver color to create a sense of sophistication and elegance.

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Midjourney Prompts For UI Design Free To Use Commercially

8 Unique Midjourney Prompts For Mobile App Design:

1. Fitness App in a Cyberpunk Megacity:

Prompt: A neon-drenched fitness app interface set in a bustling cyberpunk megacity. The UI pulsates with vibrant holographic data displays, sleek muscle-tracking wearables, and personalized workout programs projected onto towering skyscrapers. Animated neon arrows guide users through augmented reality parkour routes, while bio-feedback metrics shimmer in kinetic data streams.

Customization Keywords: Cyberpunk, neon, holographic, data visualization, bio-feedback, AR, personalized workouts, parkour, megacity

2. Children’s Learning App in an Enchanted Forest:

Prompt: A whimsical children’s learning app nestled within a sun-dappled enchanted forest. Whimsical creatures guide young learners through interactive storybooks with 3D pop-up illustrations and playful animations. Gamified learning pathways bloom like bioluminescent flowers, while progress trackers sprout into adorable forest creatures. The UI uses soft pastel hues and organic shapes, creating a safe and magical learning space.

Customization Keywords: Enchanted forest, whimsical, creatures, interactive storybooks, 3D pop-ups, gamified learning, bioluminescent, pastel hues, organic shapes

3. Meditation App in a Tranquil Japanese Garden:

Prompt: A serene meditation app set within a traditional Japanese Zen garden. The UI evokes tranquility with minimalist design, textured paper-like backgrounds, and rippling water reflections. Gentle chimes accompany guided meditations, while animated koi fish swirl around calming mantras displayed in elegant calligraphy. Breathing exercises are visualized as blooming cherry blossoms, fostering a sense of inner peace.

Customization Keywords: Japanese Zen garden, minimalist, paper texture, water reflections, koi fish, chimes, guided meditations, calligraphy, cherry blossoms, breathing exercises

4. Productivity App in a Steampunk Airship:

Prompt: A steampunk-inspired productivity app aboard a magnificent airship soaring through a cloud-filled sky. The UI features intricate brass gears, leather-bound dashboards, and flickering steam gauges tracking your progress. Tasks are listed on vintage travel maps, while completed tasks vanish like puffs of smoke. Steam-powered timers tick rhythmically, and achievements unlock hidden compartments revealing new steampunk gadgets to boost your productivity.

Customization Keywords: Steampunk, airship, clouds, brass gears, leather, steam gauges, travel maps, smoke effects, timers, steampunk gadgets, achievements

5. Travel Booking App in a Vintage Globe:

Prompt: A travel booking app housed within a spinning antique globe. Countries come alive with vibrant watercolor illustrations as users explore destinations. Flights and hotels appear as miniature hot air balloons and charming inns, while booking dates sprout like leaves on a calendar tree. Immersive 360° cityscapes emerge from the globe, enticing users to book their next adventure.

Customization Keywords: Vintage globe, watercolor illustrations, hot air balloons, inns, calendar tree, 360° cityscapes, immersive, booking, destinations

6. Music Creation App in a Psychedelic Soundscape:

Prompt: A psychedelic music creation app where notes dance across the screen as vibrant blobs of color. Synthesizers morph into pulsating alien plants, while drum beats trigger vibrant cosmic explosions. Users manipulate sound waves with swirling fingertips, and each track generates a unique animated galaxy.

Customization Keywords: Psychedelic, soundscape, blobs of color, alien plants, cosmic explosions, synthesizers, drums, sound waves, animated galaxies

7. News App in a Digital News Stream:

Prompt: A dynamic news app where headlines flow like a cascading river of data. Breaking news erupts as glowing embers, while in-depth articles unfurl like interactive scrolls. Customizable news feeds branch out like tributaries, allowing users to curate their own information streams. Immersive AR news reports project onto real-world environments, blurring the lines between digital and physical news consumption.

Customization Keywords: Digital news stream, headlines, data, glowing embers, scrolls, news feeds, tributaries, AR news reports, immersive

These are just a starting point, feel free to adapt and personalize these prompts to fit your specific app’s unique vision and target audience. Remember, the beauty of Midjourney lies in its ability to translate your imagination into stunning visuals. So, experiment, have fun, and let your creativity take flight!

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Pro Tips for Crafting Powerful Prompts for UI UX design

These 5 tips will enable you to create midjourney prompts for ui design:

  • Be specific: Instead of simply saying “mobile app UI,” describe the app’s purpose, target audience, and desired mood.
  • Paint a picture with words: Use vivid language to evoke the atmosphere and functionality of your design.
  • Reference inspiring examples: Link to real-world UI elements or existing designs that capture your vision.
  • Don’t be afraid to get granular: Specify color palettes, font styles, icon details, or animation effects.
  • Iterate and refine: Generate multiple variations of your prompt, tweaking keywords and adjusting settings until you strike gold.


Midjourney’s prompts for web design offer a world of possibilities for designers seeking inspiration. Whether you’re designing an e-commerce website, a finance platform, a corporate site, or a fashion e-commerce store, Midjourney’s prompts can guide you in creating exceptional web designs. By leveraging the power of AI and incorporating elements like colors, lighting, and artistic inspiration, you can unleash your creativity and craft visually stunning websites


Does Midjourney offer pre-made prompts for UI design?

While Midjourney itself doesn’t provide pre-made UI prompts, the online community thrives with resources! Explore websites like “Midjourney Prompts” or “PromptBase” for UI-specific prompts across various styles and niches. Additionally, the Midjourney Discord community is a treasure trove of user-generated prompts you can adapt for your needs.

Does using Midjourney for UI design replace the need for human designers?

Absolutely not! Midjourney serves as a powerful tool to spark creativity, generate initial concepts, and iterate on ideas. However, the human touch remains crucial. Designers bring expertise in usability, user experience, and brand consistency to refine Midjourney’s output and craft successful UI experiences.

What are some common challenges when using Midjourney prompts for UI design?

One big hurdle can be achieving balance between creative freedom and user interface functionality. Some stunning Midjourney outputs might not translate well to real-world usability. Remember to keep user interactions and accessibility in mind while shaping your prompts.

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