Most Trending Midjourney Product Photography Prompts 2024

Forget expensive studios and finicky lighting setups. Midjourney, the cutting-edge AI art generator, lets you conjure up captivating product photos within seconds. But wielding this potent tool requires the right incantations – aka prompts. This guide will equip you with the magic words to transform your Midjourney Product Photography Prompts into eye-catching imagery, perfect for websites, ads, and social media.

Finding inspiration for your midjourney can make a significant difference. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, designer or just starting, these midjourney product photography prompts will help you navigate the creative process effortlessly.

Examples of Midjourney Product Design Prompts

To provide you with a better understanding of how Midjourney prompts work, let’s explore some practical examples for different product categories.

1. Electronics: Smartphone

Prompt: “Captivating product photography of a sleek smartphone, emphasizing the slim design and vibrant display. Studio lighting with soft shadows, clean white background, high resolution. Showcase the product from multiple angles to highlight its key features.”

2. Fashion: Designer Handbag

Prompt: “Elegant product photography of a luxurious designer handbag crafted with fine leather and intricate details. Soft, diffused lighting to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Stylish background with complementary colors, allowing the handbag to be the focal point. High resolution, highlighting the texture and craftsmanship.”

3. Food and Beverage: Gourmet Coffee

Prompt: “Inviting product photography of gourmet coffee beans, capturing the rich aroma and freshness. Warm and cozy lighting to evoke a sense of comfort and indulgence. Neutral background with subtle props to enhance the overall aesthetic. High resolution, ensuring the intricate details of the coffee beans are showcased.”

4. Home Decor: Scandinavian-inspired Chair

Prompt: “Minimalistic product photography of a Scandinavian-inspired chair, emphasizing its clean lines and ergonomic design. Natural lighting with soft shadows to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Neutral background with a touch of texture to enhance the chair’s visual appeal. High resolution, capturing the chair’s intricate details.”

5. Vintage Tea Party:

Prompt: A whimsical still life featuring a mismatched collection of vintage teacups and saucers, overflowing with vibrant berries and delicate pastries. Sunlight streams through a lace curtain, casting soft shadows on an antique wooden table. The overall style is cozy and nostalgic, with a touch of whimsical charm.

6. Cyberpunk Sneakers:

Prompt: High-angle shot of a pair of futuristic sneakers resting on a metallic platform. Sleek black lines and neon accents highlight the aerodynamic design, while holographic panels flicker with shifting geometric patterns. The background is a hazy cityscape bathed in the vibrant glow of neon billboards and flying vehicles. The overall mood is energetic and edgy, capturing the essence of cyberpunk fashion.

7. Eco-Friendly Gadget Unboxing:

Prompt: Warm hands gently open a cardboard box filled with natural packing materials like shredded wood and dried leaves. Inside, nestled on a bed of recycled paper, rests a sleek wooden tablet with rounded edges and an organic LED display. The focus is on the tactile experience of unboxing, highlighting the sustainable materials and minimalist design. The lighting is soft and natural, emphasizing the connection to nature.

8. Space-Age Kitchen Appliance:

Prompt: A sleek, stainless steel food processor hovers effortlessly in mid-air, surrounded by floating ingredients like vibrant fruits and leafy greens. Holographic controls shimmer on the device’s surface, while a beam of light slices through the ingredients. The background is a futuristic kitchen with gleaming surfaces and panoramic windows overlooking a starry expanse. The overall feel is clean, high-tech, and slightly otherworldly, showcasing the appliance’s innovative features and futuristic design.

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Midjourney Product Design Prompts:

Well, it’s all about the practice but using these Midjourney Product Design Prompts, you can customize it with your category:

  • Prototype Play: Futuristic headphones concept sketch, holographic interface, ergonomic design, exploded view
  • Sustainable Packaging: Eco-friendly soap bottle design, recycled paper label, minimalist branding, soft natural light
  • Luxury Reimagined: Gold watch with interchangeable leather straps, marble backdrop, monogram engraving, close-up shot

Best Midjourney Prompts for Product Photography:

These are very new and Best Midjourney Prompts for Product Photography that I have also tried:

  • Sleek Tech: Minimalist tech gadget, metallic finish, neon accent lighting, black background, high-angle shot
  • Organic Appeal: Handcrafted ceramic mug, morning sunlight, rustic wooden table, close-up shot, imperfections embraced
  • Fashion Forward: Leather boots, model walking on cobblestone street, vintage filter, dramatic lighting, low-angle shot

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Midjourney Advertising Prompts:

These 3 and unique Midjourney advertising prompts to try:

  • Problem-Solver Hero: Smiling woman using a fitness tracker, sweat dripping, mountain vista background, action shot
  • Emotional Connection: Child giggling while playing with a plush toy, warm sunlit room, cozy atmosphere
  • Humorous Twist: Dog wearing sunglasses and a tiny hat, balancing on a skateboard, vibrant sunset background

My Unique Formula To Create Midjourney Product Design Prompts

Using this Midjourney Prompt formula you can create your unique Midjourney product photography prompts:

  • Basic Formula: [Product Name] product photography, [style], [lighting], [background], [angle]
  • Close-up Focus: Macro product photography, [product detail], [material texture], [studio lighting], [high resolution]
  • Lifestyle Scene: [Person interacting with product], [natural setting], [mood/emotion], [time of day], [cinematic style]
  • Brand Storytelling: [Brand name] product showcasing [core value], [target audience], [unique selling proposition], [evocative atmosphere]

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Midjourney’s AI-powered product design prompts offer a powerful tool for creating visually stunning product images. By carefully crafting prompts that reflect your brand’s essence and product attributes, you can generate high-quality visuals that captivate your audience and drive sales. Remember to experiment, iterate, and infuse your creativity into the process to truly elevate your product photography. With Midjourney’s innovative platform, the possibilities for creating engaging product visuals are endless


Can I use humor in my Midjourney product photography prompts?

Humor is a powerful tool! Picture a dog trying (and failing) to wear your oversized sunglasses, a cactus sporting your gardening gloves as tiny boxing gloves, or a baby giggling uncontrollably while wearing your sleep mask. Inject some comedic elements, and you’ll have viewers chuckling while remembering your product.

Where do I start with product design prompts in Midjourney?

Begin by defining your product’s core functionality and target audience. Then, focus on evoking specific emotions or experiences. Keywords like “minimalist,” “eco-friendly,” or “luxury” can set the tone. Don’t forget to include details about materials, textures, and color palettes.

How can I craft attention-grabbing advertising prompts in Midjourney?

Focus on capturing a specific emotion or benefit of your product. Think beyond product shots and create scenes that tell a story. Imagine your product solving a problem dramatically, highlighting its unique selling proposition. Inject humor or surprise to grab attention in a crowded marketplace.

What are some common mistakes to avoid with product photography prompts?

Overly vague language and technical jargon can confuse Midjourney. Instead, use vivid adjectives and everyday terms to describe your desired aesthetics. Focus on key elements like lighting, composition, and props, avoiding overwhelming the prompt with unnecessary details.

Can I use Midjourney to create different photographic styles?

Yes! Mention specific photography styles like “macro close-up,” “studio lighting,” or “cinematic wide shot” in your prompts. You can even reference famous photographers or artistic movements for inspiration. Experiment with different angles, lenses, and color palettes to achieve unique visual effects.

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