20 Unique Midjourney Cartoon Prompts Templates With Guide

Are you a Cartoon Lover and looking to infuse fresh creativity into your work? Do you know it is really hard to design a cartoon using sketch and tools also it takes time to create a cartoon image. No need to do this hard work. This is an AI world and we will utilize it to do some smart work with midjourney cartoon prompts and how it plays a role in your AI artwork. Using prompts you can generate attractive and realistic photos.

We’ll explore midjourney prompt templates and the unique cartoon-style keywords that can add amazing to your designs.

AI tools are the future and you have to determine which AI field is good for you! Prompt engineering is one of the fields that you can use for Midjourney and ChatGPT as well.

Can Midjourney create cartoons using prompts?

Absolutely! Midjourney is designed to provide users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to create cartoons using prompts. The platform utilizes AI algorithms to generate relevant and engaging designs that stimulate your imagination. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, Midjourney’s prompts will help your creativity and help you bring your ideas to life.

How to Create Midjourney Cartoon Prompts?

Ready to learn? We’ll walk you through the process of getting started with midjourney cartoon prompts. From selecting the right template to infusing your unique style, you’ll be on your way to creating eye-catching AI art.

  • Step 1: Choose a cartoon image that sparks your interest and curiosity. You can find many sources of midjourney cartoon prompts online, such as any Character or from Pinterest. Alternatively, you can use your own drawings or photos as prompts.
  • Step 2: Observe the image carefully and ask yourself some questions about it. For example, who are the characters? What are they doing? Where are they? When is this happening? Why are they in this situation? How do they feel? What are they thinking or saying? What are the conflicts or challenges they face? What are their goals or motivations?
  • Step 3: Write a short story based on your answers to the questions. You can use any genre, style, tone, or perspective that suits your story. Try to make your story engaging, coherent, and original. Use descriptive language, dialogue, action, and emotion to bring your story to life. You can also add some twists, surprises, humor, or irony to make your story more interesting.
  • Step 4: Revise and edit your story. Read your story aloud and check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity errors. You can also ask for feedback from others or use online tools such as Grammarly or Hemingway to improve your writing. Make sure your story is consistent, logical, and satisfying.
  • Step 5: Start creating your prompt, Use simple but catchy words to get desirable results from Mid-Journey. You can use different cartoon-style prompts as well.

Midjourney Cartoon-Style Keywords

There is an infinite range of cartoon-style keywords that can be used to enhance your creations. Like, you can add some enemy cartoon Styles. These keywords serve as inspiration and guidance, helping you define the visual style, mood, and atmosphere of your cartoons. Some popular midjourney cartoon style keywords include:

  • Playful and whimsical
  • Bold and dynamic
  • Retro and nostalgic
  • Minimalist and clean
  • Surreal and dreamlike

Can Midjourney generate prompts for specific art styles?

Yes, Midjourney’s AI algorithms can generate prompts for various art styles, including photography, including cartoon styles.

20 Unique Midjourney Cartoon Prompts List

Prompt 1: Shadowy Assassin

Shadowy assassin, cloaked in darkness, silver gleaming daggers::2, hidden face, intense green eyes, full body pose, on a stark white background::2.5, stylized 3D render, style of Alex Ross, hyperrealistic, wide angle shot, detailed textures, high resolution 

Prompt 2: Adorable Bear

A Gorgeous bear drawing by Micah Lidberg with its entire body visible, a pleasant look, a white backdrop, earthy color tones, and a cozy, welcoming 2D vector style in the manner of Teagan White.

Prompt 3: Mysterious

Design Yoshitaka Amano’s mysterious and menacing 3D anime character image features a male lead with a menacing aspect, a Gothic cathedral background, dramatic lighting, and a flowing cloak.

Prompt 4: Space Explorer

Scifi space explorer character design, full body in view, futuristic appearance, space setting, 2D vector art, sleek and streamlined design, cosmic color palette, minimalistic details, style of Peter Tarka, by Simon Stålenhag 

Prompt 5: Sushi

Animated sushi character::2.4, playful face, chopstick arms, detailed rice texture, seaweed wrap, white background, glossy, photorealistic, humorous, 3D render, vibrant colors, detailed, kawaii aesthetic, style of Jerrod Maruyama 

Prompt 6: Detective

Film Noir style detective::1.9, trench coat and fedora, shadowy alley, foggy night, monochrome palette, intricate brickwork, neon sign reflections, rainsoaked streets, high angle shot, style of Edward Hopper, HD 

Prompt 7: Skeletal

Shadowy horror creature, style of Basil Gogos, skeletal physique, elongated claws::2, soulless eyes, sinewy textures, 3D modeled, exaggerated anatomy, intricate detail, high contrast lighting, white background, highquality rendering, ZBrush sculpting, Cinema 4D, style of Aris Kolokontes 

Prompt 8: Brownie Character

Style of Charles Vess, whimsical, lovable brownie character, deepset jade green eyes, suntanned skin, adorned in a suit made from tree bark and moss::2.5, topaz hair, carrying a lantern crafted high quality, detailed, from a pumpkin, white backdrop

Prompt 9: Indian Woman Cartoon

Design an Indian woman Cartoon wearing a paisley-patterned sari, a traditional bindi, gold jewelry, high detail, a whimsical 2D style, a beautiful grin, and a turban-like headdress on a white background in the Lois van Baarle fashion

Prompt 10: Alien Creature

Minimalist alien creature, full body in view, curious expression, white background, monochromatic color scheme, 3D vector art, abstract and otherworldly, style of Moebius, by Simon Stålenhag 

Prompt 11: Retro

Style of Junichi Nakahara, retroinspired cute character sheet::1.7, vintage fashion aesthetics, 1960s vibe, vibrant color palette, feminine and elegant poses, iconic hairstyles, nostalgic charm, by Sho Murase and Sakizo 

Prompt 12: Park Ranger

South African park ranger, detailed 3D character design, muscular build::1.7, stern gaze, khaki uniform, hat, binoculars around neck, style of Carlos Ortega Elizalde, white background, 3D ZBrush sculpting, high polygon count, ambient occlusion, realistic textures 

Prompt 13: Hobgoblin

Style of Warwick Goble, whimsical, tiny hobgoblin character, gruff expression, twinkling emerald eyes, sporting a weatherbeaten hat, dressed in a rustic patchwork jacket::2.3, withered walking stick, white background, high resolution, intricate detailing 

Prompt 14: Ghost

Cute, whimsical ghost character, semitransparent::2, blue glow::1.6, shy smile, floating above ground, holding a small lantern, white background, style of Tim Burton, highly detailed, UHD, sharp details 

Prompt 15: Necromancer

Necromancer, necrotic flesh, skeletal limbs::2, dark hood, wielding spectral chains, floating orbs of soul energy, misty specters, stark white background::2.5, ambient occlusion, gothic aesthetics, style of H.P Lovecraft, sharp details, photorealistic, 4K resolution 

Prompt 16: Greek Woman

2D, whimsical, elderly Greek woman, classic Mediterranean dress, luscious white hair, warm smile, knitting a sweater, white background, by Mary Blair, bright color palette, round shapes, simple textures 

Prompt 17: Anime

Style of Yoshitaka Amano and Range Murata, anime character sheet design::1.8, detailed illustration, front and back view, character name and description, dynamic poses, vibrant color palette, character stats, stylized clothing and accessories, unique hairstyles, weapon design, by Takehito Harada and Hidari 

Prompt 18: Cute And Chubby

Design Nimura Daisuke’s whimsical animal character design has a whole body in view, expressive eyes, a white background, a pastel color scheme, charming and chubby features, and a Gemma Correll-inspired style.

Prompt 19: Kenyan Man

3D, Kenyan man, early 40s::1.8, white background, bright smile, casual attire, ultrarealistic skin texture, natural lighting, style inspired by Egon Schiele’s portraits 

Prompt 20: Malevolent Mermaid

Malevolent mermaid, style of Jordu Schell, 3D rendering, full body, white background, bioluminescent patterns, sharp, predatory grin, deep sea adaptation::2.5, sinister presence, intricate details, dark aquatic aesthetic

Final Words

Using these midjourney cartoon prompts in your artistic journey can be a transformative experience. These prompts, coupled with the power of AI art, have the potential to elevate your creations to new heights. Practice these midjourney prompts and try to create your own unique one.


Can I use midjourney cartoon prompts for commercial projects?

Yes, you can! These prompts are versatile and can be adapted to suit a wide range of projects, including commercial ones.

Are midjourney prompt templates suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! These templates provide structure and guidance, making them ideal for artists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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