BigScoots vs Bluehost: Which one is best For WordPress 2023

Comparing two popular web hosting services, BigScoots and Bluehost, can be quite challenging for website owners looking to make a decision. BigScoots focuses on providing high-performance hosting solutions, while Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies globally. I will try to give you my honest review so that you can make a decision between BigScoots vs Bluehost.

The pricing for BigScoots is generally more expensive than Bluehost’s, but it comes with more features and resources. BigScoots offers additional features such as free website migrations, daily backups, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which are not available with Bluehost.

Overview of BigScoots

A web hosting firm called BigScoots specializes in offering fast hosting services to both individuals and companies. BigScoots, a respectable hosting company, was founded in 2010 and now offers a variety of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

Overview of Bluehost

Another well-known web host that has been around since 2003 is Bluehost. With over 2 million websites it hosts, it is currently one of the biggest in the world. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting are among the hosting packages that Bluehost provides. Are Bluehost WordPress and shared hostings the same? Yes! Bluehost shared hosting and WordPress hosting are the same. There’s no difference.

Brief Comparision of BigScoots vs Bluehost

Both BigScoots and Bluehost offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, email hosting, 24/7 customer support, SSL certificates, and one-click WordPress installation. However, BigScoots claims to provide superior performance and uptime compared to other hosting providers. From my perspective, a user should also take care of SEO tools to use. Because it plays an important role in website Ranking.

They use state-of-the-art hardware, SSD storage, and LiteSpeed web server to ensure fast loading times and high uptime rates. On the other hand, Bluehost offers reliable performance and uptime, but they have been criticized for occasional downtime and slow loading times during peak traffic hours.

Plans and Prices

BigScoots and Bluehost take various tacks when it comes to pricing. The plans from BigScoots are often more expensive than those from Bluehost, but they also include more features and resources. For instance, BigScoots offers shared hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains starting at $31.46 per month. Shared hosting packages from Bluehost start at $2.95 per month, although they have greater resource restrictions.

Here is the side-by-comparison and prices between BigScoots vs Bluehost.

BigScoots and Bluehost Customer Support

Customer support is vital in the web hosting industry, and both BigScoots and Bluehost offer 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, and email. BigScoots is known for its personalized support, with customers having direct access to their support team and the company’s CEO. In contrast, Bluehost has been criticized for its long wait times and unresponsive support.

Here’s a table outlining some of the unique features offered by BigScoots vs Bluehost:

Hosting ProviderUnique Features
BigScootsPersonalized support, direct access to support team and CEO, LiteSpeed Web Server, SSD Storage, Staging Environment, Free Website Migration
BluehostFree Domain Name, WordPress Integration, cPanel Control Panel, Site Backup and Restore, Spam Protection, SSL Certificate, Advertising Credits for Google and Bing

Performance and Uptime: BigScoots vs Bluehost

When it comes to the speed and accessibility of your website, there are two critical factors that you cannot afford to overlook: performance and uptime. These two elements can make or break your site’s user experience, affecting everything from bounce rates to conversion rates. That’s why it’s essential to choose a hosting provider that offers superior performance and uptime, such as BigScoots.

BigScoots prides itself on providing unparalleled performance and uptime compared to other hosting providers. To achieve this, they employ cutting-edge hardware, including high-speed SSD storage and a lightning-fast LiteSpeed web server. This combination ensures that your website loads quickly and reliably, even during times of high traffic.

Speed Test of Bluehost and BigScoots
BigScoots vs Bluehost (Bluehost speed test)
Bluehost Speed Test
BigScoots vs Bluehost (Bigscoots speed test)
BigScoots Speed Test

Of course, other hosting providers also offer reliable performance and uptime, including Bluehost. However, Bluehost has faced criticism for occasional downtime and sluggish loading times, particularly during peak traffic hours. While they still offer a robust hosting solution, it’s clear that they cannot match BigScoots’ commitment to top-notch performance and uptime.

Hostings role in SEO

Important query: Is there any role of web hosting in SEO? Answer is yes! It plays a significant role in SEO.

Question is How does Web hosting affect SEO?

Definitely, Web hosting has an effect on SEO through impacting a website’s performance, stability, and security. Users and search engines both appreciate quickly loaded websites, therefore a slow website might hurt its SEO ranks.

The level of server and network connectivity that web hosting businesses provide has an impact on SEO in the end. A user should take care of other SEO facts like Key Considerations When Evaluating Keywords for SEO. 

My Final thoughts about BigScoots vs Bluehost

In summary, both BigScoots and Bluehost offer reliable performance and essential features. However, BigScoots’ plans come with more resources and additional features, which justify their higher price point.

If you are looking for personalized support and a hosting provider that prioritizes performance, BigScoots is the better choice. But if you are on a tight budget and don’t need the additional features, Bluehost is a solid option.


Q: Which is cheaper, BigScoots or Bluehost?

A: Generally speaking, Bluehost tends to be less expensive than BigScoots. Their shared hosting plans begin at a mere $2.95 per month, while BigScoots’ shared hosting plans start at a whopping $31. This vast difference in pricing may have a significant impact on your budget, so it is crucial to compare the features and services offered by both hosting providers before making your final decision.

Does BigScoots provide speedy hosting services?

Undoubtedly, BigScoots is renowned for delivering rapid and dependable web hosting services. They employ SSD storage, which is faster and more dependable than typical hard drives. Additionally, their servers are powered by the world-class LiteSpeed web server, known for its superior performance and scalability. BigScoots’ data centers are strategically located worldwide, resulting in reduced latency and improved website loading times. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, you can expect your website to be up and running almost all of the time. In summary, if you prioritize speed and reliability, BigScoots is an excellent option for a web hosting provider.

Which one is more fast BigScoots or Bluehost

A. No Doubt Bigcoots is much faster than Bluehost. Bigscoots provides SSD NVME storage which makes it faster than Bluehost.

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